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About Me

Hello, I'm Jansen Sangala, a digital media specialist based out of Detroit MI. I have years of experience working in the Video Industry both as an Editor and Videographer. 

I specialize in corporate video, always working with new businesses to find ways to grow and establish a web presence. Whether it's web-based ads, testimonials, or product showcases, I've done it all. I also love having the opportunity to work on creative projects such as short films and music videos. I truly believe video is a limitless industry, one where you can truly visualize your business!


When I'm not working, I like to spend my time going to concerts, watching movies, and learning new skills! 

Photo Mar 22 2024, 2 08 37 PM_edited.jpg
Photo Mar 22 2024, 2 08 08 PM.jpg
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I have behind the camera experience on both events and scripted productions. I am completely comfortable going that extra mile to get the perfect shot. 


I am an experienced editor with skills in assembling video, color grading, syncing audio, organizing projects and doing what needs to be done to get the video out in a timely manner.

Social Media

I'm able to optimize videos for various social media platforms and analyze performance to help make sure your videos are seen.

Motion Graphics

I can create custom After Effects animations, 2D key-frame animations, animated logos and lower thirds, and custom transitions to enhance your projects.

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